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New issue of the TMH Vektor magazine No. 1 (48) 2022 is published in English

7 July 2022
Reading time ~ 3 min
TMH Vektor magazine No. 1 (48) 2022, English edition
TMH Vektor magazine No. 1 (48) 2022, English edition. Source: Transmashholding
Belov Sergey, Editor-in-Chief, ROLLINGSTOCK Agency
Reading time ~ 3 min
Litvintsova Olga, Editor of International Projects, ROLLINGSTOCK Agency

Russia: The issue is dedicated to the key for Transmashholding (TMH) event – the 20th anniversary of the Russian company’s foundation. It includes the manufacturer’s management team features about the history and actual trends in TMH development.

Top 5 facts from the magazine:

1. More than 400 mln $USD was TMH’s revenue from export sales in 2021. The volume of export has increased 10 times over the past 3 years. “We will work to increase our international activity and global presence”, said TMH CEO Kirill Lipa in an interview.

2. TMH was able to save 3.5 bln RUR ($47.5 mln USD) in 2021 by increasing the rhythm of production and reducing overhead costs as a result of components ordering efficiency growth. As to Alexey Vorotilkin, Vice President for Locomotive Cluster Management, today the production capacity reserve at all TMH plants is up to 30%, with the exception of Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant and Tver Carriage Works, which are fully loaded.

3. EMKA2 contact-battery shunting electric locomotive is now in production at NEVZ. It is being developed on the same platform as the TEM23 diesel shunter. Instead of two diesel units, powerful batteries are used in it and at the same time collects electricity from the railway contact network. On electrified sections, the vehicle operates like as an ordinary electric locomotive and charges the batteries along the way. On non-electrified sections, it can disconnect from the contact network and continue working on the batteries. “This is especially important in large depots, at passenger stations where the use of the diesel engine is undesirable”, says Alexander Yermonsky, Deputy CEO at TMH for Technical Development.

4. The CTRL@VISION computer vision technology from TMH Smart Systems needs only 0.05 seconds to detect an obstacle when the locomotive moves. Andrey Romanchikov, TMH Managing Director for the Development of Intelligent Control Systems, writes that at the beginning of 2022, the division approved a strategy for the development of intelligent systems until 2026, which includes priorities to develop a comprehensive integrated system that combines machine vision and automatic driving for mainline transport and a system of predictive online diagnostics, as well as to implement unmanned driving projects.

5. 23 logistical parameters of products are integrated into the TMH procurement planning process: these are the terms of inventory items production and transportation, factory order, weight, type of packaging, etc. At the same time, the calculation of procurement requirements is automated in accordance with production demand and stock balances, adds Andrey Sheremetyev, Deputy CEO for Equipment and Material Procurement at TMH.

Magazine: TMH Vektor, No. 1 (48) 2022 (pdf)