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About us

ROLLINGSTOCK Agency (RSA) was established in 2021. We cover and analyze events and trends on the global railway rolling stock markets.

We see RSA’s mission in inspiring industry professionals to develop cooperation, introduce new developments, and open up new opportunities and horizons.

You are on our official English-language website, and the Russian-language version is available at Our work can be monitored (You can follow our work) on social networks and messengers – Twitter, Linkedin and Telegram.

Contacts: tel.: +7 495 773-1520, e-mail:


Sergey Belov, founder and editor-in-chief of ROLLINGSTOCK Agency

Sergey Belov, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Alexandr Polikarpov, Managing Partner of the ROLLINGSTOCK Agency

Alexandr Polikarpov, Managing Partner (Analysis & Consulting)

Alexey Stolchnev, Editor of Russian Projects, ROLLINGSTOCK Agency

Alexey Stolchnev, Russian Projects Editor

Olga Litvintsova, editor of international projects of ROLLINGSTOCK Agency

Olga Litvintsova, Editor of International Projects

Alexandr Prasol, Editor of Historical Projects, ROLLINGSTOCK Agency

Alexandr Prasol, Editor of Historical Projects

Daria Beloglazova, Project Manager for International Relations, ROLLINGSTOCK Agency

Daria Beloglazova, International Relations Project Manager

Alexander Ivanov, Recreator studio, creation and IT infrastructure support

Alexander Ivanov, IT infrastructure creation and support, Recreator studio

Margarita Ledovskikh, «Law in Web» project, legal support

Margarita Ledovskikh, legal support, «Law in Web» project

Leonid Khomeriki, publishing agency PR Company, strategic development adviser

Leonid Khomeriki, strategic development adviser, PR Company publishing agency