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Cookie Policy in ROLLINGSTOCK Agency

Websites with the domain names and do not automatically collect any information, except for information contained in cookies.

Cookies are files installed on a user’s computer, phone, tablet or any other device in order to record his actions while browsing websites with the domain names and With the help of cookies, the server hosting the site recognizes the browser used by the user, for example, remembering its settings preferences (language, font size, etc.) for future visits, so there is no need to re-configure them when visiting the site again, or when navigating between pages of the site.

Cookies can be used for:

1) setting the content of web pages of sites with the domain names and in accordance with user preferences, as well as for user recognition;

2) creating statistics that help understand how users use the and websites;

3) session maintenance.

Cookies are also used to calculate audience and traffic parameters, track progress and number of visits to sites with the domain names and

Cookies contain data in an anonymous form without identifying a specific user. The information stored in cookies is used by the individual entrepreneur Belov S.A., and may also be transferred to third parties specified in the Privacy Policy for the purposes specified in it.

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