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The ROLLINGSTOCK Agency business intelligence team provides consulting services in the areas of railway industry, railway and urban transportation and other related industries. We can provide a market analysis for you, prepare a corporate and business strategy, expert opinion and actual infrastructure industries data coverage.

ROLLINGSTOCK Agency employees have 10+ experience in the fields of railway and urban transport, mechanical engineering and infrastructure industries.

Our foundations

  • Development. We constantly improve the quality of work by studying, testing and implementing new technical and organizational skills and approaches, as well as accumulating industry knowledge.
  • Independence. We publish and provide clients with only those results of work, the correctness of which we are sure in and those which correspond to our position.
  • Practicality. The result of our activity should have the maximum practical benefit and value for customers. We minimize work and activities that do not bring a positive effect.
  • Efficiency. All our activities are meaningful and aimed at achieving clear goals and results.

Contact us


Alexandr Polikarpov, Managing Partner of the ROLLINGSTOCK Agency

Alexander Polikarpov, Managing Partner (Analysis & Consulting)