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CRRC unveiled new passenger multiple units of different types

18 April 2022
Reading time ~ 3 min
China’s first commercial Maglev train
Maglev 3.0 train by CRRC. Source: CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co
Litvintsova Olga, Editor of International Projects, ROLLINGSTOCK Agency
Reading time ~ 3 min

China: Manufacturer’s site in Zhuzhou presented the new generation of the “low-speed” maglev trains for domestic operations, the tourist train with panoramic windows, as well as the retro-style double-decker tourist tram for South Korea.

The CRRC’s plant in Zhuzhou stated the trials completion for the new generation of maglev trains version 3.0. Compared to the previous 2.0 edition, it has increased maximum speed (200 km/h against 160 km/h), the traction efficiency is increased by 20% and the acceleration time is reduced by more than 50%. The producer declares that only technologies with the Chinese intellectual property rights are implemented in the project, such as unmanned control (provided by 5G communications system) and contactless power supply. It is expected to be operated intercity and urban lines of 50 km to 200 km.

Also CRRC has recently introduced a three-car train with panoramic windows designed to be curated along the mountain routes of Lijiang City. The vehicle was manufactured at the Zhuzhou plant. In the development of the train was invested 3 bln RMB ($483 mln). The train have a maximum operating speed of 70 km/h and a maximum capacity of 351 passengers. Panoramic windows are equipped with electric dimming, which changes the degree of transparency depending on the intensity of sunlight.  Zhou Li, director of the project in Zhuzhou, said that to adapt to the line with small curves and long slopes, the vehicle pioneered a powered articulated bogie. A strong braking ability is also declared: it combines electric, hydraulic and magnetic track braking allowing the train to go downhill smoother.

World's first tourist train with a panoramic view of the mountain in Lijiang World’s first tourist train with a panoramic view of the mountain in Lijiang. Source:

The seats in the CRRC's panoramic tourist train The seats in the CRRC’s panoramic tourist train. Source:

Finally, at the end of January, CRRC delivered the first of 2 retro double-decker trams to South Korea was designed by Zhuzhou plant. In order to meet the needs of the passengers, the first-floor of the train is equipped with large viewing windows. The second floor have an open-top structure. Each train is composed of 3 sections, and the maximum passenger capacity can reach 300 people. Using energy storage power supply, the maximum operating speed is 25 km/h. The whole vehicle has a low-floor compartment structure. With the help of signal system it can remotely diagnosis, solve real-time problems and transmit data.

Retro tourist tram for South Korea Retro tourist tram for South Korea. Source: CRRC

Passenger rolling stock takes significant part in CRRC’s revenue: its share was at 48% in manufacturer’s income for the last 3 years on average. Also CRRC spends about 5,6% of its total revenue on R&D activities – about $2.3 bln USD per year.