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Top 5 facts about United Wagon Company, one of the world’s largest freight car builders

25 September 2023
Reading time ~ 4 min
Freight cars by UWC at the Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant
Freight cars by UWC at the Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant. Source: UWC
Reading time ~ 4 min

Before the upcoming IRAN RAILEXPO 2023 United Wagon Company (UWC) published in-depth features of its current stature and operations in Time of UWC online magazine. Here are several key points about the freight car builder.

1️⃣ Up to 22,000 freight cars a year can be produced by UWC’s plants. Its product range comprises more than 70 models and modifications of freight cars. More than 100 industrial robots and 20 automated lines are involved in production. The business management systems at UWC’s production facilities comply with ISO/TS 22163:2017 and ISO 9001:2015. Explore more about production by UWC here.

Supplies by UWC around the world Supplies by UWC around the world (enlarge). Source: UWC

2️⃣ More than 4,300 freight cars were delivered by UWC to its clients in Middle East, East Asia, Africa, Europe, and CIS in 2017–2022, as well more than 8,000 heavy casting wagon sets were produced for North America. With its competencies and experience, UWC can design a freight car to the standards of any railway region, tailored to a customer’s infrastructure and loading and unloading process.

Freight trains with the UWC’s gondola cars in Mongolia Freight trains with the UWC’s gondola cars in Mongolia. Source: UWC

3️⃣ 500 freight cars by UWC are already delivered for the Mongolian railway project of utmost importance, the Tavantolgoi–Gashuunsukhait line. This railway connection is to transport coal from one of the largest coal deposits in the world to China. This year, 300 more gondola cars are to be delivered to Bodi International which develops cargo logistics in Mongolia. Compared to its competitors, UWC offered more attractive parameters of payload capacity, axle load, overhaul run and service life duration. More about UWC’s freight cars in Mongolia at the link.

The 15-629 articulated tank car by UWC for TEXOL Group The 15-629 articulated tank car by UWC for TEXOL Group. Source: UWC

4️⃣ 108 t of light petroleum products can fit in the 15-629 articulated tank car by UWC. Such freight cars are in operation by Kazakhstan’s TEXOL Group since the end of 2021. “The unique design of the tank car consisting of two tanks linked by an articulated connector contributes not only to reducing the cost of cargo transportation but also to saving on operating costs since we have one bogie less compared to two typical cars”, notes Sergey Gorsky, CEO at Texol Trans Service. Read more about the 15-629 tank car and TEXOL’s experience at the link (additionally – about the 19-6978 and 19-6978-01 articulated hopper wagons by UWC).

Welding robots at the Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant of UWC Welding robots at the Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant of UWC. Source: UWC

5️⃣ More than 1,200 protection titles are in the UWC’s patent portfolio. It includes patents for inventions, utility models, and industrial designs for freight cars and components in the markets of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, other EAEU states, China, the USA and the EU. Year after year, UWC uses its intellectual resources to strengthen its market leadership and competitiveness on a solid foundation.

Visit UWC stand at IRAN RAILEXPO 2023 on 26-29 September 2023: Hall #7, Booth #21 


Learn more at the official website of UWC:

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