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Innofreight develops new timber car

11 December 2023
Reading time ~ 1 min
The Sgwrs timber car by Innofreight
The Sgwrs timber car by Innofreight. Source: Innofreight
Ivolgina Anna, Editorial Contributor to International Projects, ROLLINGSTOCK Agency
Reading time ~ 1 min
Sotnikov Kirill, Editorial Contributor

Austria: The logistics company has manufactured a Sgwrs car to transport round wood and sawn timber.

It consists of two articulated four-axle 45 ft flatcars with 2.5 m stanchions. The car has a loading volume of 120 m3 of round wood or 191 m3 of sawn timber, with a maximum payload of 144 t. ISO containers can be transported instead of timber as well, and Innofreight is currently testing this technology.

The first batch of 23 such cars has been delivered this year to Schwaiger Holzindustrie in Germany. The timber cars are loaded with sawn timber packages at the sawmill in Hengersberg and then travel to ports on the North and Baltic Seas for export. On the return journey through Germany, the cars are loaded with round timber for delivery to the sawmill, minimising empty runs.

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