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PRO//Motion.Expo 2023: top 6 facts ahead of the railway fair

10 August 2023
Reading time ~ 3 min
Russian Railway Museum in St. Petersburg
Russian Railway Museum in St. Petersburg, the venue of the PRO//Motion.Expo International Railway Fair in 2023
Reading time ~ 3 min

Russia: The organiser, Gudok Publishing House, has unveiled details of the upcoming main event of the area 1520 railway industry.

1️⃣ On 24–27 August, one of the major railway museums of the world will host one of the major railway exhibitions. The International Railway Fair, PRO//Motion.Expo, will again welcome exhibitors and guests in the Russian Railway Museum in St. Petersburg. The salon is a unique meeting place for the leading railway companies, experts, and specialists from around the world. PRO//Motion.Expo stands out with the great number of exhibits demonstrating and promoting state-of-the-art machinery and technologies.

2️⃣ 100+ Russian and foreign companies including manufacturers of rolling stock and railway equipment and components participate in the salon: Russian Railways, Transmashholding, PTK Group, Sinara-Transport Machines, United Wagon Company, 1520 Group, Tvema, Altaivagon, Infotrans, Key Systems and Components Group of Companies, Radioavionica, etc. Many specialists in railway construction, safety, engineering, and design come to the salon, too.

3️⃣ This year leading manufacturers of rolling stock and freight rail transport will present the latest Russian railway machinery and technologies. 30+ full-scale pieces of equipment will be on display on 4,000+ sq.m. of pavilions and open exposition, and on 1,000+ r.m. of rail track.

4️ On 24 and 25 August, a concentrated business programme awaits exhibitors and guests of PRO//Motion.Expo. The agenda offers 10+ offline and online discussions, round tables, signing ceremonies, and a plenary session on intercrossing thematic tracks: technological sovereignty, unmanned technologies, import-independent railway engineering and digital technologies, passenger rolling stock, and talents. 100+ Russian and foreign speakers and experts will discuss the key topics of the year. These are the technological independence of Russian railway industry, the development of logistics digital technologies, and international cooperation strategies amidst global changes. The business programme also includes the awarding ceremony of winners of the Russian Railways competition.

5️ This year the guests and exhibitors can learn much about activities of the Industrial Competence Centres of the Russian Railways on the second day of the business programme. The Centres, Railway Engineering and Railway Transport and Logistics, invite them to visit two demo days to discuss the prospects for the development of transport and railway engineering in Russia and the world.

6️⃣ Two days of the fair will be a real family holiday with creative masterclasses, lectures, and quizzes. On 26 and 27 August residents and guests of St. Petersburg can come to the Day of Open Roads festival and — for the first time ever — to a parade of retro and modern trains. In 2021, 7,000+ people visited the PRO//Motion.Expo on business days and 15,000+ on the Open Roads Day.

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