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New narrow-gauge EMU by Stadler put into service in Stockholm

27 November 2023
Reading time ~ 3 min
X15r narrow gauge EMU by Stadler at Visinge station
X15r narrow gauge EMU by Stadler at Visinge station. Source: LeStudio
Krechetov Dmitry, Editorial Contributor
Reading time ~ 3 min
Savenkova Ekaterina, Editorial Contributor to International Projects of ROLLINGSTOCK Agency

Sweden: The first three-car X15p train began operating on 31 October. By the end of the year, another 22 of these trains will also start service.

These are custom-made rolling stock designed to run on the Roslagsbanan network, which has a gauge of 891 mm and connects Stockholm with its north-eastern suburbs. The new trains will gradually replace the current X10p trains which the Swedish manufacturer Hägglunds, taken over by ABB, supplied between 1988 and 1995. The X15p feature improved dynamic performance as they are equipped with twice as many powered axles, 8 out of 12, and more powerful motors totalling 1,600 kW. With an acceleration of 0.95 m/s2, they run at 100 km/h and can reach 120 km/h.

Schematic diagram of the X15p EMU Schematic diagram of the X15p EMU. Source: Stadler

The X15p is more spacious, reaching 2,750 mm due to being 15 cm wider. This results in more room for 300 passengers, 162 of which can be seated (nine on flap-up seats). Each car has two 1,300 mm wide doors with retractable steps and a floor level of only 665 mm. This facilitates faster and barrier-free boarding, ensuring access for passengers with reduced mobility. The X15p has three multifunctional spaces for standing passengers, wheelchairs, prams, and large luggage. The EMUs are equipped with air conditioning, information systems, and 43 power outlets. The X15p can operate in harsh winter conditions, so its electrical equipment is protected from snow and ice, inter-car gangways have double walls, and entry areas are warm with heat curtains, heated floor and retractable steps, providing passenger comfort.

The interior of the X15p narrow-gauge EMU by Stadler The interior of the X15p narrow-gauge EMU by Stadler. Source: Region Stockholm

Multifunctional space in the X15p by Stadler Multifunctional space in the X15p by Stadler. Source: Region Stockholm

A contract, worth CHF 232 mln (€240 mln) was signed in 2017 between Stockholm Transport SL and Stadler for 22 trains, including an option for 45 vehicles. The operator exercised a part of the option in 2022 with an order for four more trains. The procurement will continue until the full replacement of the rolling stock in 2030. The first X15p started arriving to Roslagsbanan at the end of 2020. Although their commissioning was scheduled for 2022, it was postponed due to “a number of issues”, according to the Stockholm region project manager Annika Bergström. One of these issues was the need to test new EMUs on existing line’s without disrupting traffic because of the line unique track gauge.

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