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Freightliner to explore synthetic fuel for locomotives

16 April 2024
Reading time ~ 1 min
The Class 66 diesel locomotive in the fleet of Freightliner
The Class 66 diesel locomotive in the fleet of Freightliner. Source: Freightliner
Sotnikov Kirill, Editorial Contributor
Reading time ~ 1 min
Yashchenko Olga, Editorial Contributor to International Projects, ROLLINGSTOCK Agency

UK: The British rail freight operator Freightliner, a part of Genesee & Wyoming, USA, has announced a partnership with Zero Petroleum, UK.

The latter offers its own technology to produce a carbon-neutral fuel for various industries.

Zero Petroleum’s proprietary DirectFT technology suggests synthesising fuel from carbon and water through a variety of complex chemical and physical reactions, using renewable energy. The company has recently launched its first production facility to manufacture this kind of fuel for the airline industry.

Freightliner has a fleet of more than 185 locomotives. The British operator has set a near-term target for a 55% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2033, which, according to its estimates, requires 26 mln l of alternative fuel. In its turn, Zero Petroleum plans to launch one more plant in 2026 where the DirectFT fuel will be produced.

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