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Greenbrier plans to deliver up to 25,000 freight cars in fiscal 2024

2 February 2024
Reading time ~ 1 min
The Greenbrier tank car
The Greenbrier tank car. Source: Jim Allen/FreightWaves
Belov Sergey, Editor-in-Chief, ROLLINGSTOCK Agency
Reading time ~ 1 min
Savenkova Ekaterina, Editorial Contributor to International Projects of ROLLINGSTOCK Agency

USA: The railcar manufacturer based these estimates on the results of its first fiscal quarter, which ended last November (Greenbrier’s fiscal year lasts from September to August).

The company expects to deliver 22,500–25,000 freight cars to customers in various regions, including 1,000 to Brazil.

Greenbrier’s 2024 revenue, including service and leasing, would reach $3.4–3.7 bln, which is lower than in 2023 ($3.9 bln), but significantly better than in previous years. According to the manufacturer, its backlog stands at 29,700 railcars worth $3.8 bln.

As for the North American market, which is the key segment for the company, Greenbrier stated that the demand for freight cars is expected to reach 37,800 units in 2024. The manufacturer’s share of the total backlog of US railcar builders is estimated at 39%, with Trinity Rail holding the largest share of 50%.

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