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Russian manufacturers are developing new snow-plow and snow-removing track machines

1 December 2021
Reading time ~ 4 min
SS-POM snow-removing track machine with air-blowing function by Tulazheldormash
SS-POM snow-removing track machine with air-blowing function by Tulazheldormash. Source:
Belov Sergey, Editor-in-Chief, ROLLINGSTOCK Agency
Reading time ~ 4 min
Litvintsova Olga, Editor of International Projects, ROLLINGSTOCK Agency

Russia: Russian Railways (RZD) has prepared more than 1,200 units of snow-plow and snow-removing track machines to ensure stable network operation in the coming winter period. At the same time, a new and more efficient rolling stock is being created for RZD by all major national players – Tulazheldormash (a subsidiary of PTK Group), RPM Group (a member entity of Sinara-Transport Machines) and Transmash (part of TMH).

Tulazheldormash has presented the first model of its SS-POM snow-removing track machine with air-blowing function at the end of August this year. As RZD’s Directorate for track machines operations representative Dmitry Platonov noted in his Gudok article, SS-POM combines several functions and provides high-speed cleaning of the track, as well as clearing the interrail space and elements of rail fasteners from snow with a powerful air flow, so it is possible to use one SS-POM instead of two track machines. Tulazheldormash declares that SS-POM operation will increase increase track works output by 140% while reducing the cost of it by 32%. Currently the abovementioned vehicle is on trials, and the first delivery to RZD is expected in December 2022.

In turn, RPM Group is developing a PSS-2P snow-plow train. As Dmitry Platonov points out, the main difference between the new train and the currently operated PSS-1K (also the product by the RPM Group, almost 170 units have been produced) is self-propellency so it does not require a traction module as a separate unit. Also the ability to abandon the escort car is provided. The productivity of PSS-2P should be up to 13 km/h, and the additional capacity will increase output by 24%. RZD’s annual demand for such trains is estimated to be at least 10 units. According to the data from the state Register of Certification on the Federal Railway Transport (RS FZhT), applications for the PSS-2P trials were received between December 2020 and January 2021. As Dmitry Platonov says, the first batch of the PSS-2P trains is expected to be delivered to RZD in 2023.

It should be noted that Sinara-Transport Machines (STM), which is a parent to RPM Group, implements the most comprehensive approach to its railway track business development and has not only the rolling stock productions in its subsidiaries list, but also service centers, as well as the RSP-M company, which provides grinding services and includes 8 rail-welding plants. Recently, STM has announced the establishment of a railway infrastructure division that is planned to enter the infrastructure services market in 2022.

Another producer, Transmash, has reported about its snow-plow and snow-removing track machines designing activities in March. Its SDP-M2 snow-removing machine is underway to be modernized. The model of SDP-M3 number should have an electro-pneumatic control system and a 50 kW diesel generator. Also TMH declared that it is designing the SM-8 self-propelled snow-plow train in 2, 3 and 4-car versions. The technical characteristics of this machine are published on the Transmash website, but at the moment there is no information in the RS FZhT database neither about its submission for trials, nor about certification.