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Hamburg includes recyclability requirements in the perspective delivery of up to 370 DT6 metro trains

13 October 2022
Reading time ~ 2 min
The concept of the DT6 metro train for Hamburg
The concept of the DT6 metro train for Hamburg. Source: HHA
Belov Sergey, Editor-in-Chief, ROLLINGSTOCK Agency
Reading time ~ 2 min
Litvintsova Olga, Editor of International Projects, ROLLINGSTOCK Agency

Germany: The Hamburger Hochbahn (HHA) operator of the Hamburg U-Bahn and bus systems has launched a tender to do the firm order for 46 metro trains of the new generation. With the long-term options executed, the total delivery may potentially include 370 trains.

The trains are to be supplied in two modifications. Thus, DT6-F trains with a driver’s compartment are intended for operation on the existing network and to replace the DT4 previous generation trains. Another model, DT6-A, will not have driver’s cabs and is planned to be put in operation at the perspective fully automated U5 line. The first trains are scheduled to arrive in 2027. A framework agreement will imply long-term options and in total 250 DT6-F and 120 DT6-A trains may be ordered.

The four-car DT6 trains are to be 40 m long and have full-accessible gangways. Additionally, the trains are to be able to be articulated in 80 or 120 m long trains.  The passenger capacity in the DT6-F train must be up to 850 people, whereas in DT6-A – almost 900. The exterior is to follow old traditions of red and silver design, however the new vehicles are to be 10 cm wider than their predecessors. New lighting and passenger information systems are to be introduced as well.

The concept of the DT6 metro train interior for Hamburg The concept of the DT6 metro train interior for Hamburg. Source: HHA

HHA plans not only to evaluate the economic and technical performance but included the criteria of weight, energy requirements and supply chains. Also, the requirement to provide at least 94% recyclable rolling stock is highlighted by the operator. As RailNovation CEO Jan Harder told previously ROLLINGSTOCK, the recyclability of railway vehicles is becoming a more and more important factor in the EU procurement processes.

Currently, Hochbahn is operating a fleet of 125 DT4 (built in 1988-2006 by Bombardier Transportation and LHB that was acquired by Alstom in the 1990s) and 163 DT5 (being built by Alstom and Bombardier consortium since 2008) trains. In addition, there is an operating reserve of 10 DT3 vehicles and various historic vehicles.