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The Kazakh government unveiled KTZ’s long-term plans for the purchase of the rolling stock

24 January 2023
Reading time ~ 3 min
Electric locomotives by Alstom in Kazakhstan
Electric locomotives by Alstom in Kazakhstan. Source:
Belov Sergey, Editor-in-Chief, ROLLINGSTOCK Agency
Reading time ~ 3 min
Savenkova Ekaterina, Editorial Contributor to International Projects of ROLLINGSTOCK Agency

Kazakhstan: In a letter to the Kazakh Senate, Prime Minister Alihan Smaiylov introduced plans for the delivery of locomotives, passenger, and freight cars for the fleet of the national operator, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ), and its subsidiaries.

The prospective deliveries will include:

1️⃣ 187 diesel locomotives in 2023–2026 — These will be the vehicles by Wabtec (assembled at Lokomotiv Kurastyru Zauyty (LKZ)), and by Russian manufacturers (no companies made public yet). 70 locomotives are expected already in 1H2023. Earlier in 2022, KTZ signed a memorandum with Wabtec on the delivery of 150 FLXdrive battery electric shunters and the mainline fleet overhauling for LNG traction. Now TEM11A shunters are supplied under the previous contract between KTZ and Wabtec, and localisation level at LKZ is claimed to exceed 74%.

2️⃣ 245 electric locomotives by Alstom in 2023–2029 — The locomotives are procured under a 2011 long-term contract between Alstom and KTZ. The manufacturer is expected to supply 250 KZ8A freight locomotives and 119 KZ4AT mainline passenger locomotives in total. Last November, the national operator obtained financing to continue the purchase process. As Alstom announced, local content will be up to 39%.

3️⃣ 537 passenger coaches on a Stadler platform by 2029 — The manufacturer and the national operator signed several contracts totalling €2.3 bn in December 2022. One of them is for the acquisition of a plant, Tulpar, in Astana. Peter Spuhler, president of the board of directors of Stadler, said that by 2030 the localisation level is planned to reach 35%.

4️⃣ 307 passenger coaches by Russian manufacturers in 2023–2024 — In August, ZIKSTO, a Kazakh company specialising in the production of freight cars, received approval under TR EAEU 001/2011 for 61-4440 couchette coaches and 61-4447 non-compartment coaches, 300 of each type. The approval is required for a contract with KTZ. The letter does not disclose specific names, however, the Russian manufacturer Tver Carriage Works, TMH’s part, has been manufacturing both these models of coaches since 2008.

5️⃣ 1,500 gondola cars and 601 container flatcars in 2023 — The gondola cars will be produced by KTZh’s subsidiary, the Kazakhstan Car-Building Company, for another, Kaztemirtrans. Container flatcars will be delivered by ZIKSTO. It is contracted for the assembly of 2,000 80-foot 13-9781 container flatcars and will do it under a license of the Kanash Railway Car Building Plant, part of the Tractor Plants holding from Russia. The rolling stock is intended for KTZ Express freight carrier, also a subsidiary of KTZ.