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Car repair plant in Roslavl to double production of freight car axles

21 June 2024
Reading time ~ 1 min
The workshop for freight car axle production of the car repair plant in Roslavl
The workshop for freight car axle production of the car repair plant in Roslavl. Source: Industrial Development Fund
Belov Sergey, Editor-in-Chief, ROLLINGSTOCK Agency
Reading time ~ 1 min
Savenkova Ekaterina, Editorial Contributor to International Projects of ROLLINGSTOCK Agency

Russia: The company has recently launched a new workshop with a robotised production line.

The project has been financed by a loan from the Industrial Development Fund at favourable terms of RUB 398 mln ($4.8 mln). Total investments in the project amount to RUB 524 mln ($6.3 mln).

The new facilities will enable the plant to double its production to 48,000 axles per year, with 30,000 destined for wheelsets installed on cars produced by the company. This equates to a production target of up to 7,500 freight cars per year, with an output of 4,100 vehicles in 2023 (+24% on 2022), according to the ROLLINGSTOCK analytical team.

The remaining axles will be made available to the market in wheelsets and as individual components. The plant’s objective is to achieve a 15% market share in the segment.

The plant has confirmed that the axles are designed for freight cars with an axle load of 23.5 and 25 tf. Furthermore, the company produces the 18-9800 bogies with an axle load of 25 tf, which are protected by intellectual property rights belonging to RZD.

The increase in axle production will be followed by car production facilities commencing production of tank cars and expanding production of gondola cars. The project is valued at RUB 2.7 bln ($32.7 mln), with RUB 2 bln ($24.2 mln) approved by the Industrial Development Fund.

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