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Russian Railways has published a plan for inquiries of innovative solutions for 2022

6 January 2022
Reading time ~ 1 min
Russian Railways logo
Russian Railways logo. Source: Alexander Demyanchuk, RIA Novosti
Belov Sergey, Editor-in-Chief, ROLLINGSTOCK Agency
Reading time ~ 1 min
Litvintsova Olga, Editor of International Projects, ROLLINGSTOCK Agency

Russia: Proposals that will pass the competitive selection will be considered by the company for trial operation with the prospect of purchase.

According to the plan, Russian Railways is going to conduct 16 open inquiries in various directions. This procedure has been carried out by the company since 2018 and to date, the selection of proposals for more than 70 requests has been completed, within which more than 570 applications have been received and more than 80 finalists have been identified.

In the part of the rolling stock, in particular, the selection of the following solutions will be carried out:

1. Purification of exhaust gases of diesel locomotives during rheostat tests to the required parameters (publication is planned in the 1st quarter)

2. Automated diagnostic control of the bogie’s cast parts during maintenance of freight cars (2nd quarter)

3. Control of the track geometry parameters and the quality of work performed during the operation of ballast cleaning machines (3rd quarter)

4. System of recuperative energy accumulation with subsequent power-supply of auxiliary equipment and electric motors of the multiple unit rolling stock (4th quarter)

The full list of planned open requests of Russian Railways is available at the link.